On the occasion of the visit of the mayor of Riese Pio X, with Gianluigi Contarin, Councilor Loris Guidolin and the Ambassador of Italy to Thailand, His Excellency, Michelangelo Pipan, with his wife, Laila.

From the 15th to 23rd of February 2010 we were engaged in the reception of personalities who have come to respect our work. They came to visit our activities in the areas of Rayong and Lat Krabang conducted by the indomitable Father John Contarin. On Monday, 15th February, having arrived on time and Mr.Gianluigi Contarin, Loris Guidolin, respectively mayor and councilor of a small town of 11,000 inhabitants in the name of Treviso Riese PioX, which gave birth to the Pope, Giuseppe Sarto, then PioX and Fr. John Contarin, knight of the Italian Republic, a missionary in Thailand for 26 years, who is currently the director of the Camillian Social Center Rayong and Camillian Home for disabled children in Lat Krabang.

During the visit, the Mayor and Alderman donated a van to the community for disabled children of the Camillian Home in Lat Krabang, he personally handed the keys to Father Pairat, president of the Camillian foundation here in Thailand. He also delivered some great pictures of S. Pius X and a sketch artist, Castellan Cat Angel.

The meeting was also an occasion to lay the foundations for a possible twinning between the Camillian Foundation and the foundation of Giuseppe Sarto Camillian in Thailand.

We made the picture in the presence of local representatives of Pasta Zara, who are among the more 'key sponsors of the activities' social common PioX Riese.

Some of our children with disabilities have tried the Suzuki van, which has seven seats and which 'was bought for 13,500 euros, equivalent to about 650,000 Thai Baht with our beloved volunteer from Canada, Mr.Faisal, driving. A beautiful gift. Thanks to all those who collaborated with the municipality to collect the funds necessary for this wonderful tool to help with our work. It so happened that the visit of the Italian Ambassador in Thailand coincided with that of our other distinguished guests, so we spent a day visiting the Garden of Eden, a rehabilitation center for adults living with HIV and patients with dementia. We also managed to call in at the Independent Living Center where 21 adolescents with HIV are living with two social workers. Finally we ended the day with a visit to orphans living with HIV and palliative care department. Dinner was held at Camillian Social Center in Rayong, with children and staff. All of us including The Ambassador, Mayor, Children and visitors enjoyed good Italian food, pasta, baked chicken, with sweet wine for the adults... all specially prepared with care by our chefs whom Father John has trained, despite their living with being HIV during the last five years.

The strictly Italian food dishes, found and recognized by our guests are an important sign of connection with our traditions, make us feel at home even if the ground is in Thailand. Surely this power from you and also the children's physical strength be tireless and cure disease, said the mayor.

Some songs from the children and a little magic show to create a family atmosphere, which is a fundamental characteristic of our center here in Rayong Thailand.

On this occasion The Italian Ambassador, Michelangelo and his wife, Laila, donated the sum of 75,000 baht, or approximately €1,500 euros. Thanks for their solidarity 'and co-operation.

Father John reminded the guests that our activities 'in support of orphans and AIDS patients can exist only through the co-operation of everyone, which is turned into the joy of life, disease control and dignity' of the person. John then made a presentation to Mark  Palestrini, an Italian volunteer with us for about 5 years as being part of our family tree with important international co-operation.